• Image of Cloth Diaper Cake

This four tier cloth diaper cake is the the gift that keeps on giving!

With 12 prefolds, 3 white adjustable covers that grow with baby, Snappi for easy pinning, 3 washcloths/cloth wipes and a wet bag this diaper cake can diaper baby from BIRTH to POTTY TRAINING.

Three tier cakes include 8 prefolds, 2 white adjustable covers, Snappi, wet bag, 3 washcloths

Two tier cakes include 4 prefolds, 1 white adjustable cover, Snappi, wet bag, 3 washcloths

This is the exact set up that I began my cloth diapering journey with. Four years and my third baby later, I find myself still reaching for the prefolds.

Pictured is our Super Hero Cloth Diaper Cake. Contact us for a different colour or theme diaper cake. Also included is prepping instructions, decorative plate used as a sturdy base and a card listing everything included.

Visit us at facebook.com/TabaBabyDiaperCakes for more photos.